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Centro Médico Americano

Welcome to the CMA (American Medical Center) hospital located in Progreso city in Yucatán, México.

Our hospital facility is well located on one side of the city Hall in the city and port of Progreso, Yucatan. This city and port is in constantly growth, with industrial infrastructure. Has pleasant and quiet beaches that attract national and international tourism, with this and 50 000 inhabitants is required a hospital in Progreso, Yucatan to provide the safety of medical care for any eventuality to those who live in the city and who those who come to visit.
The American Medical Center was opened in December 6, 1989 to provide services to those who request them.

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The clinic has more than 40 specialized medics and resident medics in the emergency area and outpatient reception.

The Centro Médico Americano it's located on 33th Street by 82 number 320, center colony, in Progreso, Yucatán, México, adjoins north with the City Hall of Progreso, Yucatán.

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