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Who we are

Our vision at the CMA is to provide health care services of medium complexity of emergency, outpatient, diagnostic support and complementary therapy, hospitalization and surgical unit.


The CMA is a hospital unit that provides health services with high quality and warmth in different medical specialties like surgical, emergency, medical care and support to the diagnosis and treatment of illness, committed to the social need of support health preservation of the local people and those who come to visit our region, considered this port a holiday destination.


Being a hospital with appreciation of the population with help of constantly training, together with the necessary infrastructure that will strengthen us as the best choice for people requiring private health service does not have to travel to another city.


Hospital values are:
- Kindness: polite and affectionate treatment
- Quality: know the patients needs and expectations
- Consistency: identify with the mission and vision, and commit to it
- Orderliness: be disciplined and have good image

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