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Emergency Room

It receives the patient proceeding to attention according to the emergency, performing care and medical assessment, procedures and specific or general nursery care, or laboratory studies indicated, being under medical observation and nursing until their improvement or as the patient's prognosis and diagnosis would the area of hospitalization, intensive care or surgery for further treatment.

Hospitalization Area

Receives patients for hospitalization proceeding as diagnostic, following medical advice or general medical specialty, subsequently laboratories, x-ray, ultrasound, or a special study of the patient as needed and placed under medical surveillance and proceeding specific to general care or nursing, as improvement and discharge or patient prognosis indicated after administrative process.

Intensive Therapy Service

It receives the patient from the emergency department, hospitalization or surgery as appropriate, performing specialized care and medical assessment, procedures and intensive nursing care, special or laboratories studies indicated and placed under medical observation and nursing until improvement and after his discharge, or as prognostic and diagnostic patient hospitalization would be send to the hospitalization area, for further treatment.


Enter patient from Emergency Room, ICU, after medical assessment and preoperative, surgical preparation by nurses, for performing elective surgery, outpatient or in an emergency, surgical procedures are performed according to the surgery and proceeds to transport the patient to the hospitalization service, ICU for further treatment or outpatient discharge.

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