The clinic has more than 40 medical specialists as well as doctors residing in the emergency and outpatient area.

Briefly, we can mention that we have diagnostic aids such as two X-ray equipment, one with vasculating table and another ambulant, a clinical analysis laboratory that has the necessary equipment for any clinical study, we also have a stress test band , ultrasound equipment, echocardiographs, endoscopes, laparoscopes and the necessary medical equipment with the current technology for any medical emergency.

The hospital services we offer are:

  • In addition to the specialized medical resource and the nursing staff, individual rooms with television with cable service, air conditioning, electric bed, intercom for locating the guard, bathroom and canapé for the patient’s relative.
  • The medical clinic has two operating rooms with high-tech equipment, a recovery area adjacent to the operating rooms with monitoring.
  • For infants we have our nursery service with ultraviolet equipment, incubator, pediatric ventilator and thermal cradles.
  • Our intensive care unit is equipped with pressure and volumetric fans, monitors, defibrillators, infusion pumps and other technology for the critically ill patient.
  • In the emergency area, the equipment, medicines and medical supplies necessary for any serious situation are available, the medical personnel of this area are available 24 hours a day, and have, as resident doctors, sufficient resolution of any emergency.
  • In addition we have a high technology ambulance, with oxygen intake, ventilator, defibrillator, suction socket, air conditioning.

In this way, we outline the medical staff and medical infrastructure of the American Medical Center of Progress, our purpose is to continually improve these two important resources, and to continue to provide those who need medical services , the alternative of having it in your city or as visitors and that they take the best impression of a Clinic with human treatment and high level service.