Hospital Area

Patient is received for admission proceeding to the same according to diagnosis, following medical indication of general or specialty medicine, later taking laboratories, x-rays, ultrasound, or some study especially according to the patient’s need, being under medical supervision and proceeding to general or specific care of nursing, according to improvement or prognosis of the patient is indicated discharge after administrative procedure.

Intensive Care Service

The patient is received from the emergency service, hospitalization or operating room as appropriate, with specialized medical attention and assessment, intensive nursing procedures and care, special studies or indicated laboratories, and under medical and nursing supervision until their improvement and after his discharge, or according to the patient’s diagnosis and forecast, he would go to the hospitalization area to continue his treatment.

Surgical area

Patient is admitted to the area from Hospitalization, Urgencies, ICU, previous medical evaluation and preoperative studies, surgical preparation by nursing staff, for scheduled, ambulatory or urgent surgery, surgical procedures are performed according to surgery and the procedure is performed. transfer of the patient to the Hospitalization service, ICU, to continue treatment or outpatient discharge.